When you think of a doula, you probably think of the role as a woman who massages a mom's back during labor. They are so much more for women, but most couples don't think about how doulas are also there for the father.

Elizabeth Ferrera was a Godsend, showing up at exactly the right moment, praying in the Spirit, and comforting me during the most traumatic hours of my life. 

As my family's life hung in the balance, this woman coached me, offered advice and helped me navigate action steps for the complications that occurred. She even selflessly gave of herself as the first to ever feed #JamesJustice when nursing was not an option due to my wife's surgery. 

Tears fill my eyes as I think about how alone I would have felt in those hours in the delivery room without her.

Men of expecting mothers take note; get a doula. She will be exactly what you need as you add to your family and will help you in ways you don't even know you needed.

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