Thank you from Team Lyons

The past two weeks have been filled with some difficult events for Team Lyons, but we have also been humbled to the core and filled with overwhelming joy. In waiting for #LyonCub2’s arrival, the preparation brought reminders of all who generously showered us with love before Grace was born 26 months ago. We unpacked and cleaned all things baby, feeling loved all over again by those who handmade items, purchased registry items, met practical needs, dropped off meals, offered encouragement, walked alongside at all hours of the day and night. Dear family and friends from Hubble Middle School, River City Church, Wheaton Bible Church, Calvary Church, Reflections neighborhood, and the list goes on, spoiled us with all LyonCub needed and more and we are so grateful and feel so loved as we reuse those items with James! 

We have also been completely humbled and overwhelmed at the rally of our new family in Tennessee, both being closer to blood family, meeting generous, amazing neighbors that are like family, and experiencing family within our life group. We have had family and friends meet monetary needs, drive us far away places, stay up late to support Daddy with babe in NICU over an hour away, donate breast milk, pick up/drop off pumped milk, take out our garbage, mow our lawn, love on Grace, bring us flowers, drop off treats, offer a listening ear, send texts of encouragement, and lift us up in prayer. We have truly been carried by our community, and for that, we thank each of you. You have shown us the love of our Faithful Father who has sustained us.

This mama was reminded again that I am not in control. But I know the One who is. And He is trustworthy. He meets each of our needs if we will only relinquish them to Him. Thank you for being generous of your time, your skills, your possessions. Thank you for choosing to pray for us. Thank you for taking the time to encourage us. Thank you for reflecting His love in our lives.

Betsy Lyons