A blog post on the interwebs can't describe how much you all have been a part of Team Lyons the past four days. We are humbled and honored to be so blessed by you.  

To be honest, while we are back at home, the journey to complete wholeness is still ongoing, so I'm including some ways you can help us in the days ahead:

  1. Pray for complete healing for Baby James. His head is still pretty red, boggy and swollen.  He still winces when we hold him. Pray all the swelling and hematomas get absorbed into his body as part of the normal healing process. 
  2. Pray for complete healing and restoration of Betsy. She's still recovering and doing better, but the damage that was done was pretty intense.  
  3. Pray for Grace. She wants to help so much but with an injured mother and baby brother who is still healing, she's dealing with a lot for a two year old to handle. Pray we can be gracious to her, give her opportunities to help with James, be held by mommy, and that the trama that has occurred in her life the past few weeks will not be permanent. We love her so much and don't want her to feel left out or that she is an annoyance. 
  4. Pray for Betsy's family. They have helped in so many ways. Pray for them as they sacrificed many hours to help us. Pray the Lord would bless them. 
  5. Pray for me. Honestly, the gravity of the situation did not fully hit me until today. The reality that I could have been a single father instantly. The questions about what I could have done differently. The concerns over each cry. The confusion over what exactly happened. I'm a mess and been pretty okay, but I really just want to cry for an hour, place blame, and have a redo.



Our life group has stated a meal train for us. If you'd be interested in participating sign up here: 


Some notes if you do visit us to drop of a meal:

  • Due to the trama that Betsy and James have occurred, they need a lot of rest. Therefore, they may not be available to visit when you come. 
  • Due to James' condition, we are currently not having people hold him. We are not wanting to play "pass the baby."
  • If she is awake, acknowledge Grace and ask her how she is doing. She loves people, the Lion King, Minnie Mouse and Daniel Tiger and would love to tell you all about it. :-) Let her be a social two-year old amidst the chaos of the past few days and weeks.  
  • Pray with us. We need that so much.  

We love you all. I love you all. Thanks for being a part of Team Lyons.