2014-03-21-17.08.37-HDR During Betsy's spring break at Faith Academy, we were able to visit three homes for children in the Philippines. The second home we visited was My Father's House in Alabang, Philippines. My Father's House is a private, non-profit child-caring agency that caters to children in need of special protection, ages 4 to 17; providing them with basic needs such as shelter, education, clothing, loving parental care and spiritual nurturing. Below is our impressions, thoughts and experiences from our visit.

Alex sharing his story with the kids at My Father's House.

"We arrived at My Fathers House in Alabang, a property that had amazing resources and staff to love on the kids there. More than half of the kids from the home end up becoming adopted before they age out.  I was able to share my story and connect with the kids during their pre-camp theme announcement party. The atmosphere and experience that I had playing basketball with the kids and dancing at their pre-camp celebration reminded me of the kinship I had with my group home brothers and sisters. Though we only visited this home in the afternoon, I left feeling that the kids were cared and loved for and that MFH will help them find a forever family." - Alex

Alex attempting to dance during My Father's House camp announcement party.

"Wow! This home was such a blessing to visit! From the moment we arrived, it was evident that the entire staff was one large family. From the guard to the admin to the social workers to the house parents to the director, to kitchen staff, everyone had frequent, positive interaction with the kids and everyone pitched in. What a blessing to see the family of God exemplified in this body of believers of all ages! We enjoyed playing with the kids during their free time, chatting with staff, and participating in their special evening service. The afternoon Alex shared his testimony was also the night they found out about their summer camp teams. The anticipation was tangible as students excitedly awaited the year’s theme, teams, and camp staff announcements. With each new piece of information announced, they cheered without abandon! One of the older students who was on the camp staff team helped teach the kids the dance to accompany this year’s camp theme chorus. Not only were these kids loved, they were given many opportunities to use and develop their gifts and talents. It was incredible to see the talented team work together to make sure each child, even the youngest, was able to perform the moves. Adults were encouraging and created an incredibly fun, safe environment. Alex and I learned the dance (or tried to!) right along with them. Those kids can dance! (Alex thought he danced pretty well, with his background growing up in the hood. Don’t tell him, but I think we both stuck out like a sore thumb as we danced amongst so many talented kids! ; ) Thank you to My Father’s House for loving us and inviting us to join your family! We think of and pray for you often and hope to return!" -  Betsy

Betsy posing for a selfie with a girl from My Father's House.