Breakaway 2013 (Yes, it was in the middle of February. I'm behind in blogging!) was the best one Alex or I have been a part of. That's saying a lot, since it was his tenth consecutive year and my ninth! For those who don't know, Breakaway is Calvary Church's winter retreat for middle school students. Alex has been responsible for making a highlight video of each day; students love seeing their faces on the big screen! For the first seven years, I had a cabin of small group girls; the past two years since I haven't had a small group, I've been an assistant activities director and have taught a workshop. We love the fact that Breakaway takes students away from their normal routine for three days, separating them from their  circumstances at home and school. As a result, their hearts are tender and expectant. This year, there were tweaks made to the schedule which allowed over 300 students more time to process and apply moving messages from Brian Porzio, this year's returning speaker. After the weekend, students returned to their homes and schools with a fresh filling of the Spirit. We were blessed to see God move in powerful ways in both students' and leaders' lives and to reconnect with many dear friends. Even though both of Alex's computers died the second night so that he couldn't make a highlight video on campus, he loves the day two highlight more than any he's made in previous years. Watch it below to find out why!

Day One highlight video:

Day Two highlight video: