If you know me, I love the arts. The one art that I appreciate other than film and graphic design is the art of food. I love how each culture has their distinct flavors, style and ingredients that are distinct to that culture. I love watching shows like "Chopped" and "Master Chef" and try to use the ingredients I have at home to create artistic dishes. Moving to Asia Pacific gets me salivating  just thinking about the various new foods to try! It is no secret, but food is a large part of Filipino culture. While I am very excited to share some authentic "pancit" and "tocino", I need to back of of some of more unhealthy American cuisine. With Thanksgiving around the corner, now is the time to draw a line in the sand. No, I don't desire to look like Filippino Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao; I just want to be all who God desires me to by taking better care of my body.

That is why I am desiring to re-start a healthier Alex with something I am calling "Fit for the Filippines". As of today, I weigh 215lbs. I would love to 175 lbs before I get on the plane for Asia Pacific. I am pretty horrible at fitness and my p90X fitness program was more like p7X...Manny would not be too impressed.

So friends, I need your help with accountability to be the best physical shape for the missions field. Please feel free to send me ideas, ask how I am doing...and sending a few healthy receipes would be amazing too.

Love you guys!