At The World Missions Summit 3 in Forth Worth, TX, Alex and I were in the missionary role! We connected with college students through

  • answering their questions about Asia Pacific/Philippines.
  • taking their picture against three Asia Pacific backgrounds.
  • describing to them our calling and what we’ll be doing overseas.
  • asking how God was moving in their hearts.
  • praying with them.

It was exciting to see God call so many students to missions. It was humbling to be surrounded by missionary heroes, asking them where they serve, what they do, how God brought them there, and lots of other questions. It was a joy to worship God with nearly 5,000 others who are missions-minded.

Our Asia Pacific missionary family!

The biggest takeaway for both Alex and I was Dick Brogden’s challenge to surrender the idea that I can do it in my own strength and to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit. Both of us have been in our profession and ministry areas for ten years. It’s easy to slip into the “I got this; I’ve been around the block a few times” way of thinking. We hope that this year, we will be a couple of prayer like never before and that we’ll desperately rely on the Holy Spirit for boldness, power, guidance, and discernment.